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"The biggest mysteries in our genre are why Reed Coleman isn't already huge, and why Moe Prager isn't already an icon."—Lee Child

"Reed Farrel Coleman is one of the more original voices to emerge from the crime fiction field in the last ten years." —George Pelecanos

"Moe Prager is the man." Janet Evanovich

"Reed Farrel Coleman makes claim to a unique corner of the private detective genre" —Michael Connelly

"One of the most daring writers around ... He writes the books we all aspire to." Ken Bruen

The James Deans by Reed Farrel Coleman


3rd Moe Prager book (2005)
Winner of the Barry, Shamus, and Anthony

It's 1983, but beneath the facade of junk bonds and easy money, New York remains a gritty metropolis. Moe Prager, ex NYPD cop turned reluctant PI, is too busy reeling from a family tragedy to see what's coming. Moira Heaton, a young intern for an up-and-coming politico, has fallen off the face of the earth. Although there is no evidence linking the politician to her disappearance, vicious rumors swirl about his involvement. Moe, along with a rag tag team of cops, ex-cops, a US marshal, and an alcoholic reporter, uncover the truth of Moira's disappearance. But when Moe chips further beneath the surface, he stumbles upon an older, more heinous crime. See if Moe can bring justice to a crime that time has forgotten.


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Murder by the Book, Busted Flush Press, IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders.

Also availableas recorded book at, and as ebook:


The biggest mysteries in our genre are why Reed Coleman isn't already huge, and why Moe Prager isn't already an icon. Both are to me. Read this book and you'll find you agree. -Lee Child, best-selling author of the Jack Reacher series

The James Deans is one of those private eye novels that doesn't go where you expect it to - a rare good thing...If you haven't read Coleman yet, this is the one to start with. -Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest

A good story told well, and characters that make you feel something about them; Coleman has put it all together. - Deb Jones,

I loved this book and its characters. Moe is a great one, beautifully rendered and very believable. -Independent Mystery Booksellers Association, Killer Books, February 2005

It's one of my favorite books of the year, in part because of a plot that's full of unexpected surprises. -Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

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